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Cymbeline’s Reign ()

Produced by

Shakespeare in the Ruff

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Brendan McMurtry-Howlett

Adapted by Shakespeare in the Ruff


Withrow Park


August 12th, 2014 – August 31st, 2014


Cymbeline’s Reign follows Imogen, a princess, who gets married to her lover in secret against the wishes of her father – King Cymbeline. Her husband is banished and she flees the kingdom to join him, but in the meantime her husband has been tricked by a crazy Italian man into thinking Imogen has been unfaithful and he now wants her dead. The outbreak of war throws everything into chaos and the couple must survive until new hope emerges from their astonishing suffering. (


Kaitlyn Riordan Imogen
Jesse Griffiths Posthumus
Andrew Joseph Richardson Cloten / Caius Lucius / Guard
Hume Baugh Cymbeline / Frenchman / Roman Captain / Jupiter
David Patrick Flemming Iachimo / Cornelius / Guard
Melee Hutton Queen / Roman Soldier / British Jailer
Victor Dolhai Pisanio

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Brendan McMurtry-Howlett Director
Tara Koehler Assistant Director
Tara Koehler Young Ruffian Director
Amanda Wong Set Designer
Amanda Wong Costume Designer
Nic Vincent Lighting Designer
Andrew Joseph Richardson Dramaturge
Brendan McMurtry-Howlett Dramaturge
Jonathan Purvis Fight Director
Victor Dolhai Musical Director


Kate Duncan Stage Manager
Nicole Myers-Mitchell Producer
Zach Bruman Technical Director
Zach Bruman Carpenter
Brenda Duran Head of Wardrobe
Cassandra Brennan Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Luke Peroni Assistant Head of Props
Sadie Johnston Properties Crew
Laura Andrew Head of Scenic Art
Sarah Stevens Publicity
Laura Harding Producing Intern
Natalie Janin Wilson Graphic Designer