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Dancing With Rage ()

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Playwright: Mary Walsh
Co-Directors: Mary Walsh and Andy Jones
Producer: David Mirvish


CAA Theatre


March 5th, 2013 – March 24th, 2013


Mary Walsh Performer
Cathy Jones Mrs. Enid (video)
Janet Cull Other Mrs. (video)
Olivia Parsons Young Girl (video)
Catherine Crowe Young Girl (video)
Halley Bert Peter (video)

Creative Team

Mary Walsh Playwright
Mary Walsh Co-Director
Andy Jones Co-Director
Stephen Osler Set Designer
Boo Noseworthy Lighting Designer
Marie Sharpe Costume Designer
George Robertson Sound Designer
Alan Doyle Music Video Composer


Victor Tilley Stage Manager
Kristen Joy Research
Kristen Joy Props
Fionnuala McMahon Screen Sewing
Marty Sexton Set Builder
Derek Holmes Set Painting
Paul Pope Video Producer
Adam Penney Camera & Editing
Justin Davis Camera & Editing
Chris Darlington Video Editing
Shannon Hawes Video AD
Anne Troake Video Movement Consultant
Josh Munden Video Rigging
Marie Sharpe Video Wardrobe
Victoria Noseworthy Video Hair & Makeup
Flora Planchat QLab Video Programmer
Pat Dempsey QLab Video Programmer
Pat Dempsey Video Green Screen Set Up
Robert Gautier Video Green Screen Set Up
Maggie Keiley Video Casting
Gary Taylor Photograph Manipulation
John Dencher Photograph Manipulation


David Mirvish Producer
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Wade Sheedy Head Technician