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Dead Metaphor ()

Produced by

Canadian Rep Theatre

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Playwright: George F. Walker
Director: George F. Walker


CAA Theatre


May 20th, 2014 – June 8th, 2014


Dean returns home from the war in Afghanistan, only to discover that his remarkable military skills don’t get him very far in the working world. He readjusts to non-bunker life by moving in with his increasingly agitated parents and pregnant ex-wife, then reluctantly takes the only job he can get—as poster boy for a crusading politician on her own mission for “truth and justice.” (


Michael Healey Oliver Denny
Noah Reid Dean Trusk
Haley McGee Jenny Trusk
Julie Stewart Helen Denny
Eric Peterson Hank Trusk
Nancy Beatty Frannie Trusk

Creative Team

George F. Walker Playwright
George F. Walker Director
Jennifer Brewin Associate Director
Robin Johnston Sound Designer
Shawn Kerwin Set Designer
Shawn Kerwin Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
John Stead Fight Director


Crystal Salverda Stage Manager
Kevin Olson Assistant Stage Manager
Allie Marshall Head of Properties
Mary Spyrakis Head of Wardrobe
Michael Laird Sound System Consultant


André Du Toit Producer (Canadian Rep Theatre)
David Mirvish Producer (Mirvish)
Wade Sheedy Head Technician