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DEATH: a love story ()

Produced by

Dandelion Theatre

Director: Max Ackerman
Playwright: Max Ackerman


Sweet Action Theatre


August 17th, 2023 – August 20th, 2023


Jack and Moonie have not seen each other since their split: a messy breakup years ago. When they awaken to find that they have both died and ended up – together – in some kind of purgatorial liminal space, they must work together to figure out how they met their demise in order to ascend to the world beyond. With only a large sentient screen providing cryptic clues, Jack and Moonie piece together their final day on Earth and realize, whether they like it or not, that their lives – and deaths – are more closely interlinked than either of them could have expected. (


Sivert Das Jack
Sophie Rivers Moonie

Creative Team

Max Ackerman Director
Max Ackerman Playwright
Ash Haslett Cuff Assistant Director
Maxine Chu Lighting Designer
Oli Guselle Soundtrack
Braden Buhler Soundtrack
Avery Wall Soundtrack
Oli Guselle Intimacy Coordinator
Beck Scholbeck Intimacy Coordinator


Emily Doucette Stage Manager
Mackenzie Burton Production Manager
Alice Nguyen Technician