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Diving Normal ()

Produced by

The Red One Theatre Collective and Tuning Puck Co-op

Playwright: Ashlin Halfnight
Director: David Tompa


Toronto Free Gallery


April 12th, 2011 – April 23rd, 2011


A provocative and witty tale, where three twenty somethings wade through the treacherous waters of addiction, sex, disloyalty and unrequited love on a quest for some stability. (


Mark Roeder Fulton
Mark Wiebe Gordon
Dani Kind Dana

Creative Team

Ashlin Halfnight Playwright
David Tompa Director
Sara Nickleson Set Designer
Dan Lidbury Assistant Set Designer
Trina Brink Make-up
Trina Brink Wardrobe


Joe Dinicol Stage Manager
Benjamin Blais Production Manager
Daniel Bombardier Artwork