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Dollhouse ()

Produced by

Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Choreographer: Bill Coleman
Creator: Bill Coleman


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


November 16th, 2016 – November 20th, 2016


Prolific Canadian dancer/choreographer Bill Coleman confronts a series of almost biblical challenges in this eye-opening spectacle about a man out of sync with his surroundings. Objects fall, shatter and move of their own accord creating a unique soundscape that accompanies one man’s descent into chaos. Coleman, a master performer, plays the role of modern fakir as he navigates through situations, at times verging on the comic, culminating in a hypnotic symphony of sight and sound created and performed in collaboration with celebrated composer Gordon Monahan. (


Bill Coleman Performer

Creative Team

Bill Coleman Choreographer
Bill Coleman Creator
Pierre Lavoie Lighting Designer
Edward Poitras Arrow Costume Designer
David Gaucher Additional Decor Concepts
Kenny Pearl Rehearsal Director
Gordon Monahan Sound Designer
Gordon Monahan Visual Artist


Gordon Monahan Musician