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Drink of Choice ()

Produced by

Alma Matters and HollyWould Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Storytellers

Creator: Holly Wyder
Playwright: Holly Wyder
Director: Amanda Cordner


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Scotiabank Community Studio


July 3rd, 2019 – July 14th, 2019


You walk into a bar, someone comes to take your order, and what happens next is your choice. Join us at the bar for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure storytelling experience where the drink you order leads to personal tales about sexuality, romance, and total loss of reality. A hilarious solo show about what it means to be asexual as you navigate dating and seeking connection. (


Holly Wyder Performer

Creative Team

Holly Wyder Creator
Holly Wyder Playwright
Amanda Cordner Director
Ellen Brooker Production Designer
Yolanda Bonnell Dramaturge
Amber Pattison Lighting Designer


Jessica Falcioni Stage Manager
Sarah Marchand Producer
Taha Arshad Promotional Content Creator
Tyra Sweet Poster Image
Catherine McCrae Logo Design