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Drunk Girl ()

Playwright: Thea Fitz-James
Director: Shanda Bezic

Performed as part of a double-bill with Everybody Dies in December


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


February 6th, 2019 – February 10th, 2019


Part theatre & part storytelling show, Drunk Girl explores the intimacy, tenacity, celebration and terror of women who drink. Following the night out of two enigmatic characters, we explore why so many smart, high-achieving women seem to love a drink or 10. Is the Drunk Girl a contemporary crisis or a radical feminist? (


Thea Fitz-James Performer

Creative Team

Thea Fitz-James Playwright
Shanda Bezic Director


Stephanie Taylor Stage Manager
Wes Babcock Technical Director
Wes Babcock Production Manager
Joey Morin Crew
Christopher Ross Crew


Laura Philipps Venue Technician