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Everybody Dies in December ()

Playwright: Nancy Kenny
Director: Ulla Laidlaw

Performed as part of a double-bill with Drunk Girl


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


February 6th, 2019 – February 10th, 2019


Claire, a third generation funeral home director, is more at home with her ‘clients’ in the basement than with the mortals upstairs. When her mother chooses to sell the family business, Claire must finally decide if there truly is a place for her among the living. (


Nancy Kenny Performer

Creative Team

Nancy Kenny Playwright
Ulla Laidlaw Director
Margaret Krawecka Set Designer
Margaret Krawecka Lighting Designer
Ali Berkok Sound Designer


Stephanie Taylor Stage Manager
Wes Babcock Technical Director
Wes Babcock Production Manager
Joey Morin Crew
Christopher Ross Crew


Laura Philipps Venue Technician