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Einstein on the Beach ()

Produced by

Pomegranate Arts, Inc.

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Music: Philip Glass
Lyrics: Philip Glass
Director: Robert Wilson


Meridian Hall


June 8th, 2012 – June 10th, 2012


Robert Wilson and Philip Glass’ landmark collaboration, Einstein on the Beach, was hailed as a revolutionary masterwork when it debuted in 1976, and ranks among the greatest artistic triumphs of the 20th century. Yet, for two decades this operatic gem has gone unproduced. Now Luminato returns this seminal achievement to the stage, allowing new generations to experience it first-hand. Blending everything from music and poetry to abstract dance—and featuring choreography by Lucinda Childs, a collaborator and principal performer in all previous productions—Einstein on the Beach weaves a dreamlike experience that, like any classical sonata or symphony, is based on the idea of theme and variation. But Einstein can also be seen as distinctly, dramatically American. Fans of opera, modern dance, theatre and performance art simply won’t want to miss this remarkable opportunity. Einstein on the Beach is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. (


Helga Davis Character 1 / Woman with Newspaper / Lawyer / Woman / Woman with Flashlights
Kate Moran Character 2 / Witness
Caitlin Scranton Diagonal Dance / Woman with Telescope / Dancer
Jasper Newell Boy on Tower / Young Judge / Boy in Elevator
Katie Dorn Woman in Perpendicular Dance / Dancer / Woman Reading
Hai-Ting Chinn Woman With Shell / Juror / Vocal Soloist
Tomás Cruz Man with Red Shirt Calculating / Juror /
Katherine Fisher Woman with String / Dancer
Vincent McCloskey Man with String / Dancer
Matt Pardo Man with String / Man on Bench #1 / Dancer
Philip Anderson Train Engineer / Juror / Night Train Vocal Duet
Lisa Bielawa Train Vocal Duet / Dance 1 Vocal Duet / Night Train Vocal Duet
Michéle A. Eaton Train Vocal Duet / Juror with the Blond Wig
Charles Williams Judge / Bus Driver
Jason Charles Walker Guard / Juror
Sharon Milanese Front Stenographer / Dancer / Dancer in Horizontal Elevator
Shakirah Stewart Read Stenographer / Dancer
Patrick John O’Neill Man with Briefcase / Dancer /
Solange Merdinian Indian / Juror
Lonnie Poupard Jr. Man on Bench Reading Newspaper / Dancer / Flying Man
Lindsay Kesselman Juror / Woman Left in Jury / Woman Calculating in Tower
Kate Maroney Juror / Vocal Duet
Melanie Russell Juror
Joe Damon Chappel Juror
John Kawa Juror
Gregory R. Purnhagen Juror / Man
Stuart Singer Dancer
Ty Boomershine Prisoner #1 / Silhouette Dancer / Dancer with Flashlights
Anne Lewis Prisoner #2 / Dancer
Andrew Sterman Tenor Saxophone Solo
Jennifer Koh Einstein

Creative Team

Philip Glass Music
Philip Glass Lyrics
Robert Wilson Director
Lucinda Childs Choreographer
Robert Wilson Set Designer
Robert Wilson Lighting Designer
Lucinda Childs Spoken Text
Christopher Knowles Spoken Text
Samuel Johnson Spoken Text
Michael Riesman Philip Glass Ensemble Music Director
Ann-Christin Rommen Co-Director
John Michael Deegan Scenic Supervisor
Kurt Munkacsi Sound Designer
Charles Otte Staging Associate
Urs Schönebaum Lighting
Carlos Soto Costumes
Luc Verschueren Hair & Make Up


Michael Riesman Conductor
Mick Rossi Associate Conductor
Lisa Bielawa Choral Master
Jennifer Koh Sol Violinist
Michael Riesman Keyboards
Mick Rossi Keyboards
David Crowell Alto Saxophone / Flute
Jon Gibson Soprano Saxophone / Flute
Andrew Sterman Flute / Piccolo / Bass Clarinet / Tenor Saxophone
Gordon Beeferman Keyboard Understudy


Jenni Bowman Stage Manager
Dan Dryden Live Sound Mix
Becca Ball Head Electrician
Jack Blacketer Head Carpenter
Paul Corley RF Systems Supervisor
Simon Bourne Production Management Consultant
Janet D. Clancy Rigger
Janet D. Clancy Carpenter
Aron Deyo Technical Director
Paul Frydrychowski Assistant Electrician
Paul Frydrychowski LX Board Operator
Brad Hepburn Flyman
Brad Hepburn Rigger
Joshua Hoglund Followspot Operator
Joshua Hoglund Assistant Carpenter
Josh Johnson Assistant Lighting Supervisor
Jason Kaiser Assistant Stage Manager
Jason Kaiser Assistant Carpenter
Craig Kidwell Special Effects Coordinator
Craig Kidwell Deck Electrician
Abbie H. Katz Production Stage Manager
Pat Kirby Senior Tour Manager
Magdalena Klašnja Wardrobe Assistant
Will Knapp Advance Production Manager
Jeremy Lydic Head of Properties
Roland Cory McCutcheon Assistant to Luc Verschueren
Roland Cory McCutcheon Hair and Makeup Supervisor
Yolanda Royster Followspot Operator
John Torres Lighting Supervisor
Marc Warren Production Manager
Linda Brumbach Executive Producer
Alisa E. Regas Associate Producer
Kaleb Kilkenny Associate Producer
Linsey Bostwick Associate General Manager
Zoe E. Rotter Casting - Principals
Lisa Bielawa Choral Casting
Gordon Beeferman Rehearsal Pianist
Bernhard Stippig Assistant to Robert Wilson
Fabien Zurmeyer Assistant to Robert Wilson
Michelle Scalpone Rehearsal Production Assistant
Alex Davis Rehearsal Production Assistant
Jeremy Chernick Special Effects Cosultant