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Escape from Happiness ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre

Playwright: George F. Walker
Director: Ken Gass


Factory Mainspace Theatre


March 25th, 2006 – May 21st, 2006


The dizzying adventure begins in the east-end home of Nora, where she and her three daughters—Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Gail—confront a pattern of bizarre criminal activity and meddling cops that threaten to uproot the sanctity of their complex, albeit tenuous, family structure. Nora’s son-in-law, Junior, has been beaten up by a pair of vicious crooks and now the police are interrogating her about the family’s shady criminal connections. The ever-neurotic Mary Ann has just left her husband and child to sort through the confusing crossroads of life, while a man who may or may not be Nora’s husband, Tom, continues to live in the room upstairs. Elizabeth, the compulsively busy workaholic lawyer, leaves her practice to help sort through the chaos and protect her family, but nothing is quite as it seems in this bitingly smart play. (


Rebecca Auerbach Gail
Nola Augustson Dian Black
Oliver Becker Rolly Moore
Clare Coulter Nora
Layne Coleman Tom
Catherine Fitch Mary Ann
Brandon McGibbon Junior
Irene Poole Elizabeth
R.D. Reid Mike Dixon
Jamie Robinson Stevie Moore

Creative Team

George F. Walker Playwright
Ken Gass Director
Shawn Kerwin Set Designer
Shawn Kerwin Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Richard Lee Sound Designer
André Du Toit Assistant Director
Simon Fon Fight Director
Andrea Donaldson Set Design Assistant
Andrea Donaldson Costume Design Assistant


J.P. Robichaud Stage Manager
Lindsay Marriner Apprentice Stage Manager
Maryke Simmonds Head of Properties
Courtenay Hindemit Head of Wardrobe
Gord Peck Head Carpenter
Matt Ryder Carpenter
Bryn Jennings Apprentice Carpenter
Lindsay Anne Black Head Painter
Samantha Brown Painter
Amy Cheng Painter
Ed Gass-Donnelly Graphic Designer
Amy Clark Crew
Brendan Wiklund Crew
Peter Eaton Crew
Ian Morton Crew
Samantha Rolfe Crew


Michael Hooper Technical Director
Michael Hooper Production Manager