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Fine China ()

Produced by

Ember Island Players Theatre and Saigon Lotus

Presented by

fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company

Playwright: Julie Phan

Presented as part of a double-bill with A Perfect Bowl of Pho


Factory Studio Theatre


January 23rd, 2019 – February 10th, 2019


What do the phrases: ‘you should eat,’ ‘don’t stay out too late’ and ‘put on a jacket’ have in common? They’re the first-generation immigrant way of saying ‘I love you.’ Love is embedded so deeply in our words and actions that we forget it’s there. It becomes as much the source of conflict as it is for healing. As estranged sisters Kim and Audrey reconnect after the death of their father old tensions arise, repressed feelings come to a head, and appliances are broken as the fate of the family is left in question. (


Julie Phan Kim Vu
Nam Nguyen Dad
Nightingale Nguyen Audrey Vu

Creative Team

Julie Phan Playwright
Colwyn Alletson Sound Designer
Abigail Palmer Lighting Designer


Colwyn Alletson Stage Manager
Julie Phan Co-Producer
Kevin Yue Co-Producer