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Frankenstein ()

Produced by

Catalyst Theatre

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Author: Mary Shelley
Playwright: Jonathan Christenson
Director: Jonathan Christenson
Composer: Jonathan Christenson


Bluma Appel Theatre


April 29th, 2010 – May 29th, 2010


Frankenstein¬†is a delightful, lyrical adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel. The cautionary tale of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, and the Creature he creates and then abandons, is an enduring story that has inspired many adaptations. (


Nick Green Henry Clerval / Alchemist #1 / Villager #1 / Priest / Groom / Martin Neibergal / Chorus
Andrew Kushnir Victor Frankenstein / Chorus
Tim Machin M. Lavenza / M. Clerval / Villager #3 / Doctor / Old Man Delacey / Magistrate / Chief Inspector / Chorus
Sarah Machin Gale Caroline Frankenstein / Mme. Von Buram / Villager #5 / Mavis Maclean / Creature's Bride / Chorus
Nancy McAlear Justine Moritz / Victor's Housekeeper / Bride / Agatha Delacey / Chorus
Dov Mickelson Alphonse Frankenstein / Young William / Villager #6 / Felix Delacey
Tracy Penner Lucy Lavenza / Villager #4 / Alchemist #3 / Chorus
George Szilagyi M. Von Buram / Alchemist #2 / Creature

Creative Team

Mary Shelley Author
Jonathan Christenson Playwright
Jonathan Christenson Director
Jonathan Christenson Composer
Bretta Gerecke Production Designer
Laura Krewski Choreographer
Wade Staples Sound Designer


John Raymond Stage Manager
Wade Staples Sound Operator
Candice Charney Assistant Stage Manager
Beth Dart Apprentice Stage Manager
James Robert Boudreau Production Manager
Amy Kucharuk Head of Properties
Sheena Haug Costume Associate
Kevin Green Stage Carpenter
Chris Hayes Stage Carpenter


Alistair Hepburn Director of Production
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Kate Ann Vandermeer Production Coordinator
Timothy Wisener Company Manager
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Katie Horrill Metcalf Foundation Props Intern
Susan Batchelor Bluma Wardrobe Mistress
Chris Root Head Electrician
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter
Douglas Parker Property Master
Keijo Makela Sound Operator
Tim Flawn Assistant Electrician
Tim Flawn Theatre Technician
Frank Erhardt Flyman
Frank Erhardt Theatre Technician