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Hamlet ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Paolo Santalucia


Hart House Theatre


November 4th, 2015 – November 21st, 2015


Perhaps the world’s most iconic tragedy, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet has all of the elements of a great drama: courtly intrigue, murder, revenge, family betrayal and forbidden seduction. With some of the most memorable and sublime poetry in the English language, Hamlet is a timeless tragedy that is not to be missed. (


Dan Mousseau Hamlet
Cameron Johnston Claudius / Ghost
Annemieke Wade Gertrude
Thomas Gough Polonius
Eric Finlayson Horatio
Sheelagh Daly Ophelia
Nate Bitton Laertes
Andrei Preda Fortinbras / Gravedigger 1
Alan Shonfield Rozencrantz / Priest
Dylan Evans Guildenstern / Francisco
Graham Conway Osric
Nicole Hrgetic Voltemand / Player / Musician / Vocalist
Nikki Duval Cornelia / Player Queen
Chris Whidden Marcellus / Gravedigger 2
Reece Presley Bernardo
Sebastian Darcel-Sinclair Player
Bri Waters Player

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Paolo Santalucia Director
Nancy Perrin Set Designer
Nancy Perrin Costume Designer
André Du Toit Lighting Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Kristen Zaza Music Director
Nate Bitton Fight Director
Emma Keil-Vine Assistant Director


Jeremy Loughton Stage Manager
Jackie McClelland Head of Properties
Susan Bond Dramaturge
Noa Katz Assistant Stage Manager
Emma Miziolek Assistant Stage Manager
Daegan McNeaney Video Production
Robert Harding Portrait Photographer
Scott Gorman Carpenter
Jennifer Jakob Head of Wardrobe
Karthy Chin Production Associate
Daniel DiMarco Production Photographer
Scott Gorman Production Photographer
Lila Mackenzie Lighting Board Operator
Sabrina Sikora Lighting Board Operator
Michaela Taras Lighting Board Operator
Wing Chang Sound Operator
Lujia Wang Sound Operator
Debbie Zalamea Sound Operator
Jay Hines RF Technician
Armon Ghaeinizadeh Crew
Darja Pilipovic Crew
Nora Abdelgadirl Painter
Erin Caple Painter
Camille Ligier Painter
Lucie Morillon Painter
Lindsay Newton Painter
Lujia Wang Painter
Kathleen Black Wardrobe Crew
Agustine Correa Scarpa Wardrobe Crew
Mary Beth Duffy Wardrobe Crew
Liza Futerman Wardrobe Crew
Amanda Greco Wardrobe Crew
Fatin Nazira Wardrobe Crew
Patricia Nguyen Wardrobe Crew
Rashida Abbas Production Assistant
Victoria Beales Production Assistant
Christina Bondi Production Assistant
Christy Chan Production Assistant
Jiayi Chen Production Assistant
Rachel Chen Production Assistant
Wan Chen Production Assistant
Ashley Cheverie Production Assistant
Sarah Chung Production Assistant
Victoria Crough Production Assistant
Mira Dhaliwal Production Assistant
Alli Diskin Production Assistant
Yi Huang Production Assistant
Yvonne Lee Production Assistant
Deborah Lim Production Assistant
Faiza Mahmud Production Assistant
Lucy McPhee Production Assistant
Daria Morgaciova Production Assistant
Dazzy Shah Production Assistant
Caroline Shim Production Assistant
Maliha Manahil Syeda Production Assistant
Andrew Xia Production Assistant