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Hamlet ()

Produced by

Classical Theatre Project

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Charles Roy


Winter Garden Theatre


November 18th, 2014 – November 28th, 2014


Elsinore is a dark and claustrophobic home for Prince Hamlet in this film-noir inspired production. Hamlet explores the depths of human nature, following characters propelled inexorably to tragic ends. ( 


Benjamin Blais Hamlet
Anna Wheeler Ophelia
Jeremy Hutton Claudius
Annie Briggs Gertrude
Jeff Hanson Laertes / Rosencrantz / Ghost / Marcellus / Player King
Jeffrey Simlett Polonius / Gravedigger
Joshua Wiles Horatio / Player Queen
Adam Pellerine Guildenstern / Bernardo / Osric / Lucianus / Priest

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Charles Roy Director
Jeremy Hutton Fight Director
Michael Laird Sound Designer
Gavin McDonald Lighting Designer
Isa Cramer Original Set Design
Angela McQueen Makeup Design


Tamara Protic Stage Manager
Sonia Vaillant Assistant Stage Manager
Andrew Brodkin Production Manager
Zachary Klooster Technical Director
Leana Mukhina Wardrobe Coordinator


Rob Rea Head Carpenter
Alida Keenleyside Head of Lighting
Jake Arscott Head of Props
Rob Digiola Head of Sound
Doug Closs Fly Captain