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Hard Core Logo Live ()

Produced by

Breathe.Feel.Love Theatre

Adapter: Michael Scholar Jr.
Director: Ron Jenkins

Based on the book by Michael Turner, film by Bruce McDonald, and screenplay by Noel S. Baker


Lee’s Palace Upstairs: The Dance Cave


March 9th, 2017 – March 26th, 2017


Hard Core Logo: Live is the story of defunct Vancouver punk band, Hard Core Logo, reuniting to hit the road for one last glorious tour across Canada. As buried conflicts from the band’s glory days resurface, the audience is whisked along through cramped back rooms, malodorous dive bars, and dingy roadside rest stops right to the shocking finale of their larger-than-life story.  (


Al Nolan Joe Dick
Andrew Fleming Billy Tallent
Michael Dufays John Oxenberger
Thomas Scott Pipefitter
Jennifer Walls Everyone Else
Tim Lindsay Roadie / Soundman

Creative Team

Michael Scholar Jr. Adapter
Ron Jenkins Director
Jeremy Knowles Music Director
Seth Drabinsky Assistant Director
Corwin Ferguson Production Designer
Corwin Ferguson Projection Designer
Corwin Ferguson Sound Designer
Seth Drabinsky Projection Designer
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer


Melissa Joakim Stage Manager
Tim Lindsay Technical Director
Cassandra Ruff Costuming
Peter van Helvoort FOH Sound Technician
Paddy Duddy Graphic Designer
Paddy Duddy Merchandising
Christopher Rouleau Logo Design
Lane Arndt Sheet Music Copyist
Melanie Kaye Publicist