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Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump ()

Produced by

UnSpun Theatre

Creators: Chris Hanratty and Tricia Lahde and Shira Leuchter and Christopher Stanton and Brendan Gall and Kate Hewlett
Director: Brendan Gall


The Tank House Theatre


November 29th, 2006


November 29th, 2006 – December 16th, 2006


For reasons beyond her control, Thea has been exiled from the world outside her Parkdale apartment. She’s got a bed. She’s got a window. And she’s got a plan. Using the unique talents of her unlikely cohorts, Bear and Andrea, Thea endeavours to create “a world worth living in.” Meanwhile, in the neighbourhood pawnshop, Dusan is archiving memories as quickly as he can appropriate them – using every spare moment to spin bizarre, darkly funny tales into his faithful security camera. (


Chris Hanratty Dennis / Bear
Tricia Lahde Thea / Michelle
Shira Leuchter Andrea
Christopher Stanton Dusan

Creative Team

Chris Hanratty Creator
Tricia Lahde Creator
Shira Leuchter Creator
Christopher Stanton Creator
Brendan Gall Creator
Kate Hewlett Creator
Tara Beagan Creator
Brendan Gall Director
Patrick Beagan Set Designer
Patrick Beagan Lighting Designer
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Tara Beagan Dramaturge


Amy Levett Stage Manager
Patrick Beagan Technical Director


G. Stuart Baulch House Technician
Jason Browning House Technician
Greg Poulin House Technician