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Helen Lawrence ()

Produced by

Canada’s National Arts Centre and Canadian Stage and Festival TransAmeriques and Stan Douglas Inc. and The Banff Centre for the Arts and Vancouver Arts Club Theatre Company

Playwright: Stan Douglas
Director: Chris Haddock


Bluma Appel Theatre


October 12 - 15, 2014


October 12th, 2014 – November 2nd, 2014


nspired by post-war film noir, Helen Lawrence intertwines theatre, visual art, live-action filming and computer-generated simulations in this beautifully crafted suspense-filled tale. As Vancouver struggles to reorganize itself after World War II, forces diverge as to who should really hold the power. (


Crystal Balint Mary Jackson
Greg Ellwand Inspector Leonard Perkins
Ryan Hollyman Chief James Muldoon
Sterling Jarvis Henry Williams
Nicholas Lea Percy Walker
Allan Louis Buddy Black
Ava Jane Markus Eva Banks
Hrothgar Mathews Harry Mitchell
Haley McGee Julie Winters
Emily Piggford Rose George
Lisa Ryder Helen Lawrence
Adam Kenneth Wilson Edward Banks

Creative Team

Stan Douglas Playwright
Chris Haddock Director
Stan Douglas Conceiver
Chris Haddock Story
Stan Douglas Stroy
Sarah Garton Stanley Associate Director
Kevin McAllister Set Designer
Nancy Bryant Costume Designer
Robert Sondergaard Lighting Designer
John Gzowski Composer
John Gzowski Sound Designer
Brian Johnson Director of Photography
Stan Douglas 3D Production Designer
Paul Gelineau Fight Director
Jonathan Purvis Fight Director


Rachel Ditor Dramaturge
Matthew Jocelyn Dramaturge
Emily Porter Sound Operator
Peter Courtemanche Video Programmer
Jonny Ostrem Lead 3D Artist
Martin Gilbert 3D Artist
Prajay Mehta 3D Artist
Trent Nobel 3D Artist
Joel Adria Video Operator
Matt Smith Assistant Video Programmer
Ace Martens Technical Director
Jan Hodgson Stage Manager
Peter Jotkus Assistant Stage Manager