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Here After

Here After ()

Produced by

Upstart Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Meg Moran
Director: Meg Moran


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


July 3rd, 2014 – July 13th, 2014


In a future where immortality is injectable, there are fates worse than death. When it turns out that human minds weren’t built to last forever, four survivors must keep their brains active or risk going blank – complete mental shut-down. But after being shut in an underground bunker for a few hundred years, going blank may be the only way out. (Toronto Fringe Program, 2014).


Owen Fawcett Adam
Chiamaka Glory Lily
Elizabeth Tanner Emma
Enzo Voci Marco

Creative Team

Meg Moran Playwright
Meg Moran Director
Brooklyn Doran Dramaturge
Vera Kostiuk Costume Designer
Steph Raposo Lighting Designer
Steph Raposo Set Designer
Steven Retsinas Sound Designer


Ashley Panzarella Stage Manager
Meara Tubman-Broeren Producer


Christopher Ross Venue Technician
Christopher Ross Festival Lighting Designer
Erin Birkenbergs Venue Technician