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His Girl Friday ()

Produced by

Bygone Theatre

Director: Emily Dix

Screenplay by Charles Lederer
Based on the play The Front Page by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur
Adapted for the stage and additional dialogue by Craig Dix


Aki Studio


March 2nd, 2017 – March 5th, 2017


This iconic screwball comedy tells the tale of Walter Burns, a hard-boiled newspaper editor who learns that his ex-wife, “newspaper man” Hildy Johnson, is going to give-up reporting to marry a bland insurance salesman from Albany. Determined to sabotage these plans and keep Hildy with the paper (and himself), Burns convinces her to cover one last story; the execution of cop-killer Earl Williams. Things quickly spiral out of control and Burns and Hildy find themselves tangled up in the case, and each other’s lives. A hilarious look at the struggle to balance life and love. (


Steve Hobbs Bruce Baldwin
Sean Jacklin Walter Burns
Ryan Christopher Kotack Murphy
Elizabeth Rose Morriss Gertrude Baldwin
Chad Allen Joe Pettibone / Pete Davis
Guifre Bantjes-Rafols Earl Williams
Gabriel Hamilton Diamond Louie
Alex Clay McCue
Michael Barkey Endicott
Jessica Danov Maisie / Jeannie
Matthew Hallworth Bensinger
Chris Peterson Sheriff Hartwell
Sean Pratt Duffy / Dr.Egelhoffer / Mayor
Cass Van Wyck Hildy Johnson
Ashlie White Mollie Malloy
Antonio Mattina Lieutenant Cooley

Creative Team

Charles Lederer Screenwriter
Ben Hecht Playwright
Charles MacArthur Playwright
Craig Dix Adapter
Emily Dix Director
Emily Dix Designer


Emily Dix Producer
Conor Fitzgerald Producer