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How Now Mrs. Brown Cow! ()

Produced by

Mirvish Productions and Mrs. Brown’s Boys (IRL) Ltd.

Playwright: Brendan O’Carroll
Director: Brendan O’Carroll


CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre


August 19th, 2010 – September 4th, 2010


Irish comedian O’€™Carroll first created Agnes Brown for a Dublin radio show in 1990; the character became a phenomenon in Ireland and the U.K., spawning novels, plays and a movie. How Now Mrs. Brown Cow! sees the meddling mother of six struggling to bring her family together for the Christmas holidays. (


Brendan O’Carroll Agnes Brown
Jennifer Gibney Cathy Brown
Fiona O’Carroll Maria Brown
Eilish McHugh Winnie
Amanda Woods Betty Brown
Paddy Houlihan Dermot Brown
Danny O’Carroll Trevor / Buster Brady
Dermot O’Neill Grandad Brown
Pat Shields Mark Brown
Gary Hollywood Dino Doyle
Rory Cowan Rory Brown
Emily Regan Female Understudy

Creative Team

Brendan O’Carroll Playwright
Brendan O’Carroll Director
Jennifer Gibney Co-Director
Gareth Woods Sound Designer
Gareth Woods Lighting Designer


Andy O’Callaghan Music Arrangements
Brendan O’Carroll Composer
Brendan O’Carroll Music Arrangements
Andy O’Callaghan Composer


Martin Delany Producer
Martin Delany Technical Supervisor
Fiona Gibney Production Administrator
Rory Cowan Tour Manager
Conor Gibney IT Consultant
Marian O’Sullivan Stage Manager
Helen Spain Wardrobe Supervisor
Emily Regan Wardrobe Supervisor
David Mirvish Producer
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
David Mucci Director of Operations
Scot Whitham Director of Production
Nathan Giles Assistant Director of Production
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Desirée Proveau Production Administrator
Anne Mirvish Creative Consultant
Rachael Mirvish Associate Producer
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Sarah Sisko General Management Associate
Grace Tadgell Assistant Company Manager
Charles Chu Senior Company Manager


Ron Jacobson General Manager
Nigel Romeril Head Electrician
Frank Galle Head Carpenter
Sean Poole Head Flyman
Steve Devine Head of Sound
Kevin McCarthy Maintenance Manager