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How to Disappear Completely ()

Produced by

The Chop Theatre

Presented by

Factory Theatre

Writer: Itai Erdal
Director: James Long


Factory Mainspace Theatre


June 8th, 2012 – June 13th, 2012

Awards & Nominations

2012 Dora Award Nominee – Outstanding Touring Production


In September of 2000, Itai Erdal received a phone call telling him his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and had nine months to live. Itai, a recent film-school graduate promptly moved back to Israel to spend every moment he could with his dying mother. During that time he shot hours of film and hundreds of pictures, documenting the final months of her life. In a starkly simple yet deeply profound new work, Erdal invites us into the surprising circumstances surrounding his mother’s passing. (


Itai Erdal Performer

Creative Team

Itai Erdal Writer
James Long Collaborator
Anita Rochon Collaborator
Emelia Symington Fedy Collaborator
James Long Director
Itai Erdal Lighting Designer
Emelia Symington Fedy Sound Designer
Andrea Young Original Composition
Jamie Nesbitt Projection Designer
Corwin Ferguson Remount Projection Designer
Anita Rochon Dramaturge
Sarah Szloboda Assistant Director


Noa Anatot Stage Manager
Itai Erdal Technical Director