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How We Are ()

Produced by

Mikaela Davis and Polly Phokeev Productions

Playwright: Polly Phokeev
Director: Mikaela Davies


259 Palmerston Avenue


October 11th, 2016 – October 15th, 2016


Gather in a bedroom with a group of strangers – step over last nights clothes, brush aside a bottle of tequila. Two young women lie naked in a bed: one is in love, and the other is blacked out drunk. Watch as a fly on the wall as Cassandra and Jess unravel the complicated lines between romance and friendship, and the grey areas of consent. (


Sochi Fried Jess
Virgilia Griffith Cassandra

Creative Team

Polly Phokeev Playwright
Mikaela Davies Director
Geoff Scovell Fight


Deanna Galati FOH