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How We Forgot Here ()

Produced by

The Movement Project

Creators: Malinda Francis and Marika Schwandt and Gein Wong and Eva Rose Tabobondung
Director: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard


Walnut Studio Lofts


March 22nd, 2010 – March 28th, 2010


The Movement Project invites you to join them onboard Eagle Airlines, Canada’s newest Indigenous-run airline, for the fully mounted production of How We Forgot Here. On this flight you will be immersed in a pulsating, multi-artistic journey of memories that reveal the complexities of migration and settlement in Toronto.

How did we get here? Where are our ancestors from? What have we forgotten along the way?

With visual projections, film, theatre, live electronic music, and spoken word poetry, your trip aboard Eagle Airlines will call upon the multiplicity of voices easily lost in the city hustle. (


Marika Schwandt Performer
Malinda Francis Performer
Rosina Kazi Performer
Eva Rose Tabobondung Performer
Ryan Symington Performer
Gein Wong Performer

Creative Team

Malinda Francis Creator
Marika Schwandt Creator
Gein Wong Creator
Eva Rose Tabobondung Creator
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard Director
Malinda Francis Video Designer
Marika Schwandt Choreographer
Gein Wong Composer
Gein Wong Sound Designer
Isidra Cruz Set Designer
Shawn Henry Lighting Designer


Cole Alvis Production Manager
Paulina Vivanco Assistant Production Manager
Nicholas Murray Technician
Alaska Francis Video Crew
Ange Loft Video Crew
Justin Senior Video Crew
Ashley Alexis McFarlane Video Crew