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Isidra Cruz

Costume Designer, Crew, Designer, Producer, Prop Designer, Properties Crew, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Crew, Wigs and Hair

Assistant Costume Designer

My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding () Assistant Costume Designer
Gas Girls () Assistant Costume Designer
Salt Baby () Assistant Costume Designer

Assistant Stage Manager

Giiwedin () Assistant Stage Manager

Associate Costume Designer

Agokwe () Costume Design Associate


The Centre of Everything Civilised () Co-Producer

Costume Designer

This Is How We Got Here () Costume Designer
Everything I Couldn't Tell You () Costume Designer
This is How We Got Here () Costume Designer
MSM [Men Seeking Men] () Costume Designer
The Hours That Remain () Costume Designer
Agokwe () Costume Design Associate
Future Folk () Costume Designer
Job's Wife () Costume Designer


Talking Masks () Costume Crew

Design Assistant

Romeo & Juliet () Design Assistant


The Foreign Exchange () Technology and Design


The Heidi Chronicles () Dresser
Kim's Convenience () Dresser
Parfumerie () Dresser
Entertaining Mr Sloane () Dresser
Great Expectations () Dresser
Kim's Convenience () Dresser

Head of Wardrobe

Zadie's Shoes () Head of Wardrobe

Production Designer

ROW () Production Designer

Prop Designer

The Hours That Remain () Prop Designer

Properties Crew

Talking Masks () Properties Crew

Set Designer

How We Forgot Here () Set Designer
Job's Wife () Set Designer


The Only Good Indian... () Additional Sewing

Stage Manager

Job's Wife () Stage Manager
Inspiration Stump () Stage Manager

Wig Assistant

Idomeneus () Wig Runner