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In Sundry Languages ()

Produced by

Toronto Laboratory Theatre

Artistic Director: Art Babayants


Aki Studio


June 27th, 2019 – June 29th, 2019


This satirical extravaganza performed to live music weaves together a series of comical vignettes about immigration, language learning, accents, what you really mean when you ask “Where are you from?” The wildly diverse cast uses multiple languages to play with exclusion and inclusion throughout the show. The new version of the show performed in Ottawa and Toronto engages with Francophone, Arabic, Russian, Persian and Bengali speaking communities. (



Art Babayants Performer
Ahmed Moneka Performer
Maria Kordoni Performer
Lavinia Salinas Performer
Riaz Mahmood Performer
Arfina Lamy Performer

Creative Team

Art Babayants Artistic Director
Myrto Koumarianos Dramaturge


Moriana Kachmarsky Stage Manager
Art Babayants Co-Producer
Gregory Guzik Co-Producer
Tyler Kruspe Co-Producer
Maria Kordoni Greek Community Producer
Syeda Taslima Shimu Bangala Community Producer
Max Fearon Publicist