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TLT was founded in 2012 in order to support and produce artistic and educational work that unites theatre, research in humanities and social sciences. Its mandate is to explore, through practice-based research, how all kinds of people (academics, artists, educators, students, parents, children, business professionals) can/may benefit from learning more about theatre, going to the theatre as well as being involved in ‘making’ theatre and/or critiquing theatre. TLT officially opened in March 2012 with a production ofThe … Musician, done in collaboration with the U of T’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. It is an open collective that welcomes ideas (and individuals with ideas) that call for unorthodox combinations of theatre practice and theatre research.

TLT: theatre + research + people



Produced by Toronto Laboratory Theatre

In Sundry Languages June 27th, 2019 – June 29th, 2019
In Sundry Languages July 6th, 2017 – July 16th, 2017
The… Musician. An Étude January 17th, 2014 – January 26th, 2014