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The… Musician. An Étude ()

Produced by

Toronto Laboratory Theatre

Presented by


Creator: Art Babayants
Director: Art Babayants

Based on the novella by V.G. Korolenko

Adapted from the translation by Helen Altschuler


Dancemakers Centre for Creation – Studio #313


January 17th, 2014 – January 26th, 2014


Adapted from the 19th century Ukrainian-Russian novella The Blind Musician by Vladimir Korolenko, The … Musician. An Étude is an inventive new play that tells the powerful story of a boy born without sight who learns to communicate through music. The sixty-minute drama explores the senses and their limitations through the innovative interplay of lighting, spoken text, physical gestures and live classical piano music. The stunning stylistic invention of The … Musician. An Étude challenges the audience’s perceptions, inviting spectators to dive into a world where the most common signs of communication are perpetually concealed. With the aim of accessibility, the performance pairs stunning visuals with a rich auditory experience. (


Shelley Liebembuk Performer
Clayton Gray Performer
Kevin Kashani Performer

Creative Team

V.G. Korolenko Author
Helen Altschuler Translator
Art Babayants Creator
Art Babayants Director
Paul Stoesser Scenographer
Paul Stoesser Lighting Designer
Dmitry Zhukovsky Assistant Director
Allison Leadley Text Dramaturge
Isabel Stowell-Kaplan Production Dramaturge
Shelley Liebembuk Dramaturge
Clayton Gray Dramaturge
Kevin Kashani Dramaturge


Art Babayants Musician


Art Babayants Producer
Mark Rochford Producer
Dmitry Zhukovsky Producer
Virginia Cardinal Stage Manager
Oleg Kisselev Movement Coach
Christopher Sutherland Lighting Board Operator
Bianca Hossain Production Assistant
C.J. Astronomo Lighting Technician
Eva Cherney Lighting Technician
Nina Kaye Publicist
Louis Schreyer Duarte Poster Design
Yulia Rubina Community Outreach


Alaina Perttula Head Technician