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Insert Clown Here ()

Produced by

Common Boots Theatre and Parlous Theatre

Playwright: Kendelle Parks and Jacob Willis
Directors: Kendelle Parks and Jacob Willis


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


May 8th, 2024 – May 19th, 2024


In a comedic collision of Chekhovian drama and Clown Chaos, INSERT CLOWN HERE follows a troupe of actors in a fully rehearsed, 19th-century melodrama that is upended when the lead actor goes missing and is replaced by a completely unrehearsed Clown. While the Clown attempts to improvise lines and blocking from a script they haven’t read, the remaining cast will try to keep the story on track, resulting in a comedy-of-errors newly created every performance. What could go wrong? Only everything. (


Ella Berger Daughter
Kole Durnford Son
Margot Greve Mother
Atlin Hofer Grandfather
Nicole Kleiman Butler / Alexis
Augusta Monet Clown (May 8)
Rob Feetham Clown (May 9)
Adam Paolozza Clown (May 10)
Courtenay Stevens Clown (May 11)
Lisa Marie DiLiberto Clown (May 12)
Anand Rajaram Clown (May 12)
Morgan Joy Clown (May 14)
Adam Lazarus Clown (May 15)
Jane Luk Clown (May 16)
Isaac Kessler Clown (May 17)
Kiana Woo Clown (May 18)
Kendall Savage Clown (May 19)

Creative Team

Kendelle Parks Playwright
Jacob Willis Playwright
Kendelle Parks Director
Jacob Willis Director
Irene Ly Production Designer
Alyssa Duhaney Assistant Production Designer
Mathilda Kane Lighting Designer
Christopher Elizabeth Sound Designer


Jacob Willis Producer
Anthony Allan Head Carpenter
Kiera Doerksen Smith Assistant Stage Manager
Annasofie Jakobsen Stage Manager
Annasofie Jakobsen Production Manager