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Jacques and the Bean Stock Market ()

Produced by

Panto Players

Presented by

Red Sandcastle Theatre

Playwrights: Jane Shields and Rosemary Doyle and Ransom Shields and Gage Shields
Director: Jackie English


Red Sandcastle Theatre


December 18th, 2015 – January 2nd, 2016


Jacques and his mom the Widow Twankey live in a quaint Leslieville cottage, with their ever-reliable cow, Buttons…. until they get mixed up with a greedy corporate giant, Ronald Bump who is turning the city to an oasis of condos! (


Rosemary Doyle Horse / Roady / Bean
Matthew Donovan Harpy Golden
Kristen Foote Minion / Flower / Roady / Bean
Jackie English Cheshire Cat
Victor Pokinko Buttons, the Cow
Michael Postumus Jacques
Robert Keller The Widow Twankey
Taran Beaty Ronald Bump

Creative Team

Jane Shields Playwright
Rosemary Doyle Playwright
Ransom Shields Playwright
Gage Shields Playwright
Jackie English Director
Rosemary Doyle Set Designer
Rosemary Doyle Costume Designer
Jackie English Choreographer


Deborah Ann Frankel Stage Manager