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Johnny Legdick, A Rock Opera ()

Produced by

Playwright Hero

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Jonah Carson and Jimmy Karamanis and Macleod Alan Truesdale and Elijah Fisch and Tyler Miller
Director: Jimmy Karamanis


The Randolph Theatre


July 1st, 2015 – July 10th, 2015


Cursed with a third leg, Johnny Legdick was sold to the circus by his parents and forced to live out his life in misery. But upon finding his true love (who is similarly disfigured), he decides to do what no freak has tried before at Suckadecocka circus… escape. (


Colin Macdonald Johnny
Sarah Segal-Lazar Hannah
Tadzeo Horner-Chbib Suckadacocka
Travis Martin Steve
Mara Lazaris Madame
Katy L. Breier The Bearded Lady
Chris Aitkens The Elephant Man
Jonah Carson Triclops Boy

Creative Team

Jonah Carson Playwright
Jimmy Karamanis Playwright
Macleod Alan Truesdale Playwright
Elijah Fisch Playwright
Tyler Miller Playwright
Jimmy Karamanis Director
Macleod Alan Truesdale Music Director
William Fallon Sound Designer
Roze Bell Set Designer
Roze Bell Costume Designer


Jonah Carson Djembe / Vocals
Macleod Alan Truesdale Acoustic Guitar / Trumpet
Jimmy Karamanis Acoustic Guitar / Banjo / Violin / Harmonica
Elijah Fisch Acoustic Bass
Tyler Miller Electric Guitar
Alex Lepanto Drums


Katie Nicol Stage Manager