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Kill Your Parents in Viking, Alberta ()

Produced by

Blood Pact Theatre and The Storefront Arts Initiative

Playwrights: Bryce Hodgson and Charlie Kerr
Director: Rachel Cairns


The Storefront Theatre


September 9th, 2016 – September 25th, 2016


Three estranged siblings come together for the first time in 14 years to sign their late grandmother’s will, during a snowstorm, over sundaes and souvlaki. (


Michael Eisner Frank
Libby Osler Perry
Allie Dunbar Susan
Jimi Shlag Paul

Creative Team

Bryce Hodgson Playwright
Charlie Kerr Playwright
Rachel Cairns Director
Bryce Hodgson Set Designer
Bri Proke Set Designer
Jacqueline Andrade Lighting Designer
Bryce Hodgson Sound Designer
Nate Bitton Fight Director


Kayla Vanderlip Stage Manager
Micah Champagne Assistant Stage Manager
Bri Proke Production Manager
Bri Proke Producer
Bruce Hodgson Set Builder