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KISMET one to one hundred ()

Produced by

Rumble Productions and The Chop Theatre

Presented by

The Free Fall Festival

Creators: Emelia Symington Fedy and Daryl King and Anita Rochon and Hazel Venzon


The Great Hall – Longboat Hall


March 25th, 2010 – March 28th, 2010


One hundred Canadians, ages one through 100, reveal personal stories about the roles that fate and destiny play in their lives. (


Emelia Symington Fedy Performer
Daryl King Performer
Anita Rochon Performer
Hazel Venzon Performer

Creative Team

Emelia Symington Fedy Creator
Daryl King Creator
Anita Rochon Creator
Hazel Venzon Creator
Antoine B├ędard Sound Designer
Drew Facey Visual Designer
Gina Scherr Lighting Designer


Jaimie Tait Stage Manager