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La Bête ()

Produced by

Talk is Free Theatre

Playwright: David Hirson
Director: Dylan Trowbridge


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


March 2nd, 2024 – March 16th, 2024


In a comic whirlwind of high style, La Bête tells the story of Elomire, a 17th century French playwright, and his touring acting troupe who have come to lead the high life due to the patronage of the fickle Princess of Conti. Sparks fly when Valere, a swaggering braggart with delusions of artistic grandeur, becomes the Princess’ choice to join Elomire’s troupe. It is a battle of wits and witticisms as the two face off in this outrageous commentary on the nature of art and the artist in society. (


Mike Nadajewski Valere
Cyrus Lane Elomire
Richard Lam Bejart
Katarina Fiallos Dorine
Amelia Sargisson The Princess
Justan Myers De Brie
Amy Keating Catherine de Brie
Courtenay Stevens Rene du Parc
Madelyn Kriese Marquise-Therese du Parc

Creative Team

David Hirson Playwright
Dylan Trowbridge Director
Tess Benger Assistant Director
Joe Pagnan Set Designer
JB Nelles Assistant Set Designer
JB Nelles Assistant Prop Designer
Laura Delchiaro Costume Designer
Josue Laboucane Mask Design
Jeffery Pybus Lighting Designer
James Smith Sound Designer
Richard Lam Composer
Tess Benger Composer
Rita Dottor Additional Violin Composition
Monica Dottor Movement Assistant


Erik Richards Production Manager
Sam Hale Stage Manager
Frances Bundy Assistant Stage Manager
Heather Bellingham Assistant Stage Manager


Dustyn Wales Associate Producer
Matthew MacQuarrie-Cottle Assistant Producer
Crystal Lee Production Consultant
Jamie Rodriguez Director of Production
Bill Zeilstra Production Manager