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Lady Windermere

Lady Windermere’s Fan ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Oscar Wilde
Director: Barbara Larose


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


January 19th, 2007 – February 3rd, 2007


“It takes a thoroughly good woman to do a thoroughly stupid thing.” Oscar Wilde’s 1892 classic has spawned a hatful of oft-quoted witticisms, but also juxtaposes stylish comedy with sly commentary on the morals of Victorian society, particularly regarding women and marriage. On her 21st birthday, Lady Windermere discovers to her horror that her husband may have been unfaithful. He insists on inviting “the other woman”, Mrs. Erlynne, to his wife’s birthday ball, which sets in motion a sequence of events that results in secrets revealed and a reversal of fortune. (


Allegra Shepherd Flirty Maid
Matt Szentes Manservant / Sir James Royston
Heather Couch Rosalie
Liam Morris Footman
Tim Braddock Parker
Tina McCulloch Mrs. Parker / Mrs. Cowper-Cowper
Tennille Read Lady Windermere
Connor O’Hegarty Lord Darlington
Tricia Brioux Duchess of Berwick
Gina Hetland Lady Agatha Carlisle
Patrick Brown Lord Windermere
Andrea Irwin Lady Plymdale
Andrew Batten Mr. Dumby
Gloria Lambert Lady Stutfield
David Simor Mr. Hopper
Razie Brownstone Miss Graham
Stephen Flett Lord Augustus Lorton
Cathy McKim Mr. Cecil Graham
Dinah Watts Mrs. Erlynne
Andrea Irwin Lady Windermere Understudy
Carol McLennan Duchess of Berwick Understudy

Creative Team

Oscar Wilde Playwright
Barbara Larose Director
Ellen Green Assistant Director
Jenn Johnson Choreographer
Charles Sharun Set Designer
Margaret Spence Costume Design / Construction
Rick Jones Sound Designer
Ed Rosing Lighting Designer
Paul Babiak Accent Consultant
Patricia Dawson Accent Consultant
Paul Babiak Fight Choreographer
Adrienne Baker Costume Assistant
Razie Brownstone Costume Assistant
Joanna Jaciw Costume Assistant
Andrea Retfalvi Costume Assistant
Bill Scott Costume Assistant


Margot Devlin Stage Manager
Razie Brownstone Producer
Tabitha Keast Producer
Kathryn Malek Producer
Dorothy Wilson Assistant Stage Manager
Nancy Shepherd Assistant Stage Manager
Takiko Shiozaki Assistant Stage Manager
Dorothy Wilson Props
Charles Sharun Head Scenic Artist
Michael Gordon Spence Master Carpenter
Michael Gordon Spence Set Construction
Margaret Spence Set Construction
David Briant Set Construction
Ken Judd Set Construction
Duncan McAllister Set Construction
Rodger McLennan Set Construction
Jim Whalley Set Construction
Natalie Gibbs Scenic Painter
Emily Macnaughton Scenic Painter
Alizon Sharun Scenic Painter
Emmanuel Afful Light Hanging Crew
Michael DiFlorio Light Hanging Crew
Stacy Holloran Light Hanging Crew
Jen Smith Light Hanging Crew
Paul Hardy Light Hanging Crew
Bill Scott Light Hanging Crew
Jim Whalley Light Hanging Crew
Donna Whalley Light Hanging Crew
Kyle O’Brien Light Hanging Crew
Yachiyo Shamada Sound Operator
Yusuke Hino Sound Operator
Tabitha Keast Opening Night Reception
Suzanne Courtney Poster Design
Suzanne Courtney Webmistress
Duncan McAllister Production Photography
Diana Knight Director of Marketing
Kathryn Malek Opening Night Reception


Mary Wentz Front of House Manager
Julie Barris Reservations Manager