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Let’s Talk About ()

Produced by

Neon Pink and Ontario School of Devised Theatre

Presented by

Theatre TOnight

Directors: Julia Krauss and Nicholas Walsh


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Rehearsal Hall


March 16th, 2016 – March 20th, 2016


What does sex mean to you?

Our story explores the intimate relationships of young couples, and their journey through their transformative teen years. Let’s Talk About is a fusion of dialogue, movement, and dance theatre, using the body as a primary means for embracing our sexual diversity. (


Julia Hussey Performer
Elizabeth Adams Performer
Brittany Miranda Performer
Roshawn Balgrove Performer
Rhiannon Brönnimann Performer
Marquese Davis Performer
Jarrod Dunlop Performer
Victoria Girard Performer
Jeff Hobbs Performer
Bre Kovacs Performer
Vaughn McMillan Performer
Kit Simmons Performer

Creative Team

Julia Krauss Director
Nicholas Walsh Director


Jeremy Burke Photography
Julia Hussey Producer