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Life is a Dream ()

Produced by

Sad Ibsen Theatre

Playwright: Pedro Calderón de la Barca
Translator: Denis Florence MacCarthy
Director: Ryan Borochovitz


Red Sandcastle Theatre


July 15th, 2016 – July 24th, 2016


When an aging king reveals that he has a secret son who been locked away in a prison tower since infancy, the young prince is tested to see if he can overcome his rough upbringing and the looming threat of a murderous prophecy. (Show Press Release)


Edmond Clark Sigismund
George Kiriakopulos Basilius
Tara Schell Rosaura
Benjamin Diamond Coles Clarin
Christian Michael Teatro O’Leary Clotaldo
William Bartley Astolfo
Summer Rae Tiley Estrella
Alex Osborne Guard / Servant / Rebel Soldier

Creative Team

Pedro Calderón de la Barca Playwright
Denis Florence MacCarthy Translator
Ryan Borochovitz Director
Shannon Farrell Assistant Director
Jason Thomson Lighting Designer
Madeleine Monteleone Sound Designer
Shannon Farrell Set Designer
Jamin Daniel Costume Designer
Sidonia Cole Costume Designer
Megan Apa Prop Designer
Christian Michael Teatro O’Leary Fight Director


Anastasiya Popova Stage Manager
Megan Apa Production Manager
Anastasiya Popova Technical Director
Christian Michael Teatro O’Leary Audio Technician
Summer Rae Tiley Costume Technician
Summer Rae Tiley Hair and Makeup
Anastasiya Popova Hair and Makeup
David Brock Poster Design
Megan Apa Poster Design
Pola Stankovic Acting Consultant
Deanna Galati Producer
Ryan Borochovitz Producer