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Like, Omigawd ()

Produced by

Upstage Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Music: Jason Murray and Marc Koecher
Playwright: Jason Murray
Director: Michael Rawley


Walmer Centre Theatre


July 4th, 2007 – July 14th, 2007


Madison, a small town girl with big dreams, moves to the city but immediately runs into conflict with Sheila and her leg-warming posse of gal pals! (2007 Toronto Fringe Festival Program)


Laura Caswell Madison
Robyn Levine Nikki
Kelly Grainger Liz
Christine Rossi Sheila
Robert Gontier Michael
Eric Coles James
Katie Fairbrother Ensemble
Peter Jaskiewicz Ensemble
Kristina Lerner Ensemble
Ally Pasieka Ensemble
Andrea Pedrosa Ensemble
Andrea Reith Ensemble
Crystal Tobin Ensemble
Amanda Tokiwa Ensemble
Tom Xie Ensemble

Creative Team

Jason Murray Music
Marc Koecher Music
Jason Murray Playwright
Michael Rawley Director
Marc Koecher Sound Designer
Marc Koecher Song Orchestration
Elizabeth Baird Musical Director
Jason Murray Choreographer
Michael Rawley Choreographer
Erin Polatynski Assistant to the Choreographer
Jason Hand Lighting Designer


Derrick Chua Producer
Shawn Douglas Murphy Stage Manager
Casey Dutfield Assistant Stage Manager
Casey Dutfield Sound Operator
Alan Leighntizer Lighting Operator
Deanna L. Palazzo Production Coordinator
Deanna L. Palazzo Props
Daniella Marchese Production / Events
Daniella Marchese Props
Breanne teBoekhorst Wardrobe
John Lee Graphics
John Lee Web
John Lee Production Photographer
Blake Southey Program
Kristina Lerner Hair and Makeup Assistant
Ally Pasieka Dance Captain
Andrea Pedrosa Dance Captain


Alan Leighntizer House Technician