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Lipsynch ()

Produced by

Ex Machina

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Director: Robert Lepage
Playwrights: Frederike Bedard and Carlos Beida and Rebecca Blankenship and Lisa Castonguay and Hans Piesbergen and Sarah Kemp and Nuria Garcia and John Cobb and Rick Miller and Marie Gignac and Robert Lepage


Bluma Appel Theatre


June 6th, 2009 – June 14th, 2009


From its most primitive expression; a baby’s cry – to its most sophisticated; opera singing – the human voice is a select locus of identity and emotion. Lipsynch explores its many manifestations, declensions and implications through different procedures that convey and reproduce it.

Telephone, radio, sound tracks and silent films, playback and postsynchronization: singing voices, synthesized voices, voices of the conscience, voices of blood relatives, voices from beyond, hallucinated voices. Nine stories unfold in nine hours, focussing on nine protagonists whose lives answer, relay and echo each other.

As in The Dragon Trilogy and The Seven Branches of the Ota River, the singularity of individual destinies is superimposed on the magnitude of collective history, forming a gigantic modern fresco in the image of our modern world, fragmented and plural, burlesque and tragic, and layered with multiple languages, sounds and meanings. (


Frederike Bedard Marie & Others
Carlos Beida Sebastian & Others
Rebecca Blankenship Ada & Others
Lisa Castonguay Michelle & Others
John Cobb Jackson & Others
Nuria Garcia Lupe & Others
Sarah Kemp Sarah & Others
Rick Miller Jeremy & Others
Adrian Egan Recorded Voice
Hans Piesbergen Hans Piesbergen
Rick Miller Recorded Voice
Helen King Recorded Voice
Mary Harris Recorded Voice
Phillip Graeme Recorded Voice

Creative Team

Robert Lepage Director
Frederike Bedard Playwright
Carlos Beida Playwright
Rebecca Blankenship Playwright
Lisa Castonguay Playwright
Hans Piesbergen Playwright
Sarah Kemp Playwright
Nuria Garcia Playwright
John Cobb Playwright
Rick Miller Playwright
Marie Gignac Playwright
Robert Lepage Playwright
Felix Dagenais Assistant Director
Jean Hazel Set Designer
Etienne Boucher Lighting Designer
Jean-Sébastien Côté Sound Designer
Yasmina Giguère Costume Designer
Jeanne Lapierre Assistant Costume Designer
Virginie Leclerc Prop Designer
Richard Hansen Wigs and Hair


Jacques Collin Image Producer
Marie Gignac Dramaturgy Consultant
Sophie Martin Creative Collaborator
Louise Roussel Tour Manager
Marie-Pierre Gagne Production Assistant
Paul Bourque Technical Director
Judith Saint-Pierre Stage Manager
Catherine Guay Lighting Manager
Stanislas Elie Sound Manager
David Leclerc Video Manager
Sylvie Courbron Wardrobe Manager
Virginie Leclerc Wardrobe Manager
Anne Marie Bureau Head Stagehand
Simon Laplante Stagehand
Eric Lapointe Stagehand
Catherine Guay Technical Consultant
Tobie Horswill Technical Consultant
Carl Fillion Set Design Collaborator
Louise Roussel Production Manager
Sylvie Courbron Prop Manager
Virginie Leclerc Prop Manager
Janie Gagnon Seamstress
Annie Simard Seamstress
Sophie Royer Seamstress
Richard Castelli Producer
Michael Morris Producer
Menno Plukker Producer
Michel Bernatchez Producer
Clyde Wagner General Manager
Mitchell Marcus Associate Producer
Melissa Girotti Company Manager
Bob Mitchell Production Manager
Alison Neale Production Coordinator
Julian Sleath Production Manager


Douglas Parker Property Master
James Roe General Manager
Chris Root Head Electrician
Sean Tasson Production Manager
Heather Lacey Production Coordinator
Frank Erhardt Assistant Carpenter
Tim Flawn Assistant Electrician
Keijo Makela Sound Operator
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter