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Lost Voices ()

Produced by

Topological Theatre

Presented by

The Theatre Centre

Playwright: Ed Roy
Director: Ed Roy


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


April 1st, 2011 – April 17th, 2011


Two teenagers, from two different parts of the world, are both put on an airplane destined for Toronto. Lost Voices transports you into the world of these two young people as they arrive — unaccompanied — at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Lost Voices is a fast-paced drama that explores the international phenomenon of unaccompanied minors. It transports the audience from Canada to Afghanistan and India, and back. This compelling new play speaks to the stories of the countless children who have been cast to the winds, seeking refuge in strange countries – in search of a new beginning, and with no idea of what awaits them. (


Soo Garay Performer
Owais Lightwala Performer
Shaun McComb Performer
Sarena Parmar Performer

Creative Team

Ed Roy Playwright
Ed Roy Director
Andy Moro Set Designer
Andy Moro Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Angela Thomas Costume Designer


Kevin Olson Stage Manager
Jim LeFrancois Producer


Alex Naylor Technician