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Ed Roy

Acting Coach, Designer, Director, Dramaturge, Hair, Wigs, and Makeup Crew, Performer, Playwright, Producer

Acting Coach

A Nice Day in the Park () Acting Coach


To Myself at 28 () Designer


The Bridge () Director
White Man's Indian () Director
To Myself at 28 () Director
Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest () Director
Ditch () Director
His Greatness () Director
Agokwe () Director
Lost Voices () Director
A Singularity of Being () Director
Agokwe () Director


The Bridge () Dramaturge
White Man's Indian () Dramaturge
Singing to My Left Kidney () Dramaturge
God and the Indian () Dramaturge
Dancing Queen () Dramaturge
The Situationists () Dramaturge
Agokwe () Dramaturge

Make-up Artist

Bugger the Butterfly! (Or My Sci-fi, Hollywood Adventure) () Make-up Artist


The Terrible Parents () Amelia / Jerry / Waiter
A Few Brittle Leaves () Penny Pie


Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest () Playwright
Lost Voices () Playwright


His Greatness () Producer