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Love & Human Remains ()

Produced by

Witchboy Theatre

Playwright: Brad Fraser
Director: Trevor Hayes


Unit 102 Theatre


May 21st, 2014 – June 7th, 2015


In a frozen Canadian city, a group of sexually frustrated twenty and thirty-somethings, entrenched in the narrow isolation of the age and their respective circumstances, search for any connection they can find. David McMillan is a former actor-turned-waiter, listlessly looking for meaning through one-night stands and hard living. With his compulsively dysfunctional roommate, Candy, and his misogynistic best friend, Bernie, David and company encounter a number of seductive strangers who come to bear on their search for love and sex in surprisingly frightful ways. As the characters fumble their way through a brutish gauntlet of infatuation, violence and murder, a killer stalks the city. (


Christopher Hayes David
Clara Altimas Candy
Breanna Dillon Jerri
Mark Paci Bernie
Mark Waters Robert
Adam Driscoll Kane
Sarah Booth Benita

Creative Team

Brad Fraser Playwright
Trevor Hayes Director
Clara Altimas Costumes
Robert Montcalm Fight Director
a.j. Little Designer
Nick Potter Sound Designer


Amanda Piron Production Manager
Christopher Hayes Producer
Breanna Dillon Producer