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Love You To Death ()

Produced by

Small But Mighty Productions

Book: Caitlin Turner and Melly Magrath
Playwrights: Melly Magrath and Victoria Dunsmore
Director: Melly Magrath


The Alexander Street Cabaret Space


October 27th, 2016 – October 30th, 2016


Love You to Death follows the story of wealthy playboy millionaire Derek Van Hout and his six lovers. Grappling with the extent of his indiscretions, the lovers attempt to get to the bottom of Derek’s sudden and suspicious death. Six lovers, six suspects. A delightful show riddled with conflict, accusations, deception and loving someone to death! (Show Press Release)


Bryan Kling Derek Van Hout
Danik McAfee Stephen
Lauren Mayer Vanessa
Jacqueline Godbout Kim
Caitlin Turner Gilly
Ali Hand Carley
Rebecca Horvey Bianca
Milton Dover Larry
Sarah McGowan Gerry

Creative Team

Caitlin Turner Story
Melly Magrath Story
Melly Magrath Playwright
Victoria Dunsmore Playwright
Melly Magrath Director
Victoria Dunsmore Assistant Director
Josh Preiss Music Director
Quinton Naughton Music Director
Justine Cargo Choreographer
Caitlin Turner Additional Choreography
Rebecca Horvey Additional Choreography
Steph Raposo Lighting Designer


Quinton Naughton Accompanist


Valerie Timlin Stage Manager
Victoria Dunsmore Production Manager
Lauren Mayer Vocal Coach