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Macbeth ()

Produced by

The Tempest Theatre Group

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Original Production Staged By: Jonathan Llyr


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


November 7th, 2006 – November 17th, 2006


Todd Dulmage Macbeth
Lesley Livingston Lady Macbeth / Wyrd Sister
Morris Hodder Duncan / Siward
Steven Burley Malcolm
Casey Hudecki Donalbain / Gentlewoman / Wyrd Sister
Jonathan Llyr Banquo
Scott Emerson Moyle Fleance
Jonathan Black MacDuff
Mark Ouimet Ross
Kevin Robinson Angus
Peter Nicol Bloody Sergeant (Seyton) / The Porter
Adrienne Kress Gentlewoman / Wyrd Sister

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Jonathan Llyr Original Production Staged By
Rob Gibbons Lighting Designer
Allan Cooke Set Designer
John Stuart Campbell Sound Designer
Todd Campbell Original Fights Directed by
Lesley Livingston Costumes


Adrianna Prosser Stage Manager
Michael Booth Producer
Todd Dulmage Associate Producer
Michael Booth School Sales
Rob Gibbons Lighting Operator
John Stuart Campbell Sound Operator
Allan Cooke Special Properties
Wendy Harvey Box Office