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Macbeth ()

Produced by

Classical Theatre Project

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Charles Roy


Winter Garden Theatre


November 5th, 2014 – December 1st, 2014


In this brand new production, director Charles Roy examines Macbeth through the lens of modern military regimes. In Macbeth, so much is left unsaid. Is Lady Macbeth evil? Are Macbeth’s visions real (engineered by the witches) or is he hallucinating? Each director that tackles Macbeth must make these decisions, and make them clear to the audience through staging. Our ensemble cast has worked together to create a production that is true to Shakespeare’s intent, true to their characters, and (hopefully) true to our modern times. Though Macbeth was written over 400 years ago, it still asks the relevant – and dangerous – question: is anyone that desires ultimate power capable of being a just leader? (


Benjamin Blais Macbeth
Annie Briggs Witch / Fleance / Gentlewoman / Young Siward
Lauren Dobbie Lady Macbeth / Witch
Jeff Hanson Macduff / Bleeding Sergeant
Adam Pellerine Malcolm / Murderer / Lord
Jeffrey Simlett Duncan / Seyton / Murderer / Servant
Anna Wheeler Lady Macduff / Witch / Noble Lady
Jonathan Widdifield Banquo
Joshua Wiles Ross / Porter / Murderer

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Charles Roy Director
Jeremy Hutton Fight Director
Care Robertson Original Set Designer
Siobhán Sleath Lighting Designer
T. Erin Gruber Production Designer
Jason O’Brien Sound Designer
Angela McQueen Hair and Make-up Designer
Alyksandra Ackerman Original Costume Designer


Tamara Protic Production Stage Manager
Sonia Vaillant Assistant Stage Manager
Andrew Brodkin Production Manager
Zachary Klooster Technical Director