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Mail Ordered ()

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Shanice Stanislaus
Director: Aaron Coates


Aki Studio


July 7th, 2023 – July 16th, 2023


Lila, a poor village girl arrives in Canada, looking for a husband who’s just her type – any man who can buy her for $100,000.00. Featuring a team from Singapore and Calgary, this interactive comedy delivers hilarious Asian melodrama tropes and parody. Join us for a show audiences have described as “Wildly Funny” and “Delightfully Interactive” as Lila showcases her impressive dance moves, charming giraffe jokes and extreme domestic skills. Who knows… you might even leave with your very own Mail Ordered bride! (


Shanice Stanislaus Lila
Dennis Sofian Voices
Andrea Greening Voices
Nathan Crockett Voices

Creative Team

Shanice Stanislaus Playwright
Aaron Coates Director
Eugene Yip Music Director
Yen Yu Ting Sound Designer
Shanice Stanislaus Choreographer
Edric Huang Composer
Grace Lim Music Arrangements
Antonio Vargas Choreographer (Fan Dance)
Dian Mayasari Makeup Design
Dennis Sofian Lyrics
Shanice Stanislaus Lyrics


Caaryn Sadoway Production Stage Manager
Michele Lim Producer
Ng Yuan Jie Production Assistant
Edric Huang Mix and Mastering Engineer
Grace Lim Editing Engineer
Jon Tan Marketing Creative Director
Ng Yuan Jie Graphic Designer
Joelle Quek Photographer (Key Art)