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Marathon ()

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Creator: Aharona Israel
Choreographer: Aharona Israel
Director: Aharona Israel

Curated by: Summerworks


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


February 4th, 2015 – February 6th, 2015


Three figures run in a circle, struggling to continue as they spiral into the depths of Israeli consciousness. As their journey becomes harder and more painful, their stories break down, revealing the wounds of contemporary Israeli society.

Combining dance, text, theatre, and grueling physicality, Marathon uses the autobiographical stories of the performers to reflect a state of constant emergency. Marathon is an exciting, visceral work that depicts the desperate need to hold onto ideas and ideals in an impossibly unstable world. Who will survive? And how? (


Ilya Domanov Actor / Dancer / Vocals
Merav Dagan Actor / Dancer / Vocals
Gal Sharmai Actor / Dancer / Vocals

Creative Team

Aharona Israel Creator
Aharona Israel Choreographer
Aharona Israel Director
Aharona Israel Text
Asa Wolfson Text
Udi Berner Music
Liat Ezra Costumes
Aharona Israel Stage Design