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Melancholy Play ()

Produced by

Project Undertow

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Sarah Ruhl
Director: Rosa Laborde


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 6th, 2009 – August 15th, 2009


Tilly’s sadness is exquisite– irresistible and sexy–and everyone falls in love with her. One day, inexplicably, Tilly becomes happy, wreaking havoc on the lives of her paramours. (Show Facebook Event)


Ennis Esmer Frank
Ingrid Rae Doucet Tillie
Salvatore Antonio Lorenzo
Pamela Ferguson Frances
Anna Hardwick Joan
Melissa-Jane Shaw Tillie
Cheryl Ockrant Julia

Creative Team

Sarah Ruhl Playwright
Rosa Laborde Director
Patrick Du Wors Set Designer
Patrick Du Wors Costume Designer
Trevor Schwellnus Lighting Designer
Cheryl Ockrant Original Music
Pamela Ferguson Additional Music
Melissa-Jane Shaw Choreographer


Cheryl Ockrant Cello


Shawn Douglas Murphy Stage Manager
Annie Parkinson Make-up Consultant
Michelle Bailey Promotional Photography