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Merrily We Roll Along ()

Produced by

Shifting Ground Collective

Music: Stephen Sondheim
Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Book: George Furth
Director: Joshua Kilimnik

Based on the original play by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart


The Annex Theatre


February 22nd, 2024 – March 2nd, 2024


Franklin Shepard, a gifted composer turned shallow movie producer, is at the peak of his success and the depth of his misery. His second marriage is on the rocks, he hasn’t seen his son in years, and his longest and most cherished friendships have entirely disintegrated.

As the memories of Frank’s past revisit him, he is challenged not just to take stock of his life but to take responsibility for the actions that lead him to where he is… and see if he can find where it all went wrong.

In a story spanning twenty years and told in reverse, Merrily We Roll Along escorts Frank through his life with his closest friends and collaborators Charley Kringas and Mary Flynn, confronting him with all the moments in which they grew apart and grew away from their dreams. (


Duncan Lang Franklin Shepard
Jameson Mosher Charley Kringas
Colette Richardson Mary Flynn
Azaria Shams Gussie Carnegie
Evan Sololowski Joe Josephson
Sydney Gauvin Beth Spencer
Ian Kowalski Tyler / TV Newsman
Dallis Brinkman Terry / Mrs. Spencer
Jessica Rosales Scotty
Randy (Lei) Chang Ru / Photographer
Fynn Manhattan Cuthbert Jerome
Jada Rifkin K.T.
Mona Hillis Meg Kincaid / TV Newswoman
Oliver Daniel Bunker / Mr Spencer
Max Goodman Franklin Shepard Jr.

Creative Team

Stephen Sondheim Music
Stephen Sondheim Lyrics
George Furth Book
Joshua Kilimnik Director
Jonathan Tunick Orchestrations
Shannon Murtagh Choreographer
Shannon Murtagh Assistant Director
Ethan Rotenberg Music Director
Sarah Yuen Prop Designer
Sarah Yuen Set Designer
Pasha Bardall Costume Designer
Deanna Mann Sound Designer
Christopher Elizabeth Associate Sound Designer
Jadyn Buchanan Lighting Designer
Julian Murphy Fight Coordinator


Michael Ippolito Double Bass
Nazar Zymbovych Drums
Russell Silverstein Piano
Emily Morse Reed 1
Matthew Sorley Reed 2
Michael Ricciardi Reed 3
Conrad Gluch Reed 4
Jo Chan Synthesizer (Feb 22, 25, 27, 29)
Jonah Nung Synthesizer (Feb 23, 24, 26, Mar 1, 2)
Zach Smith Trombone
Matt Smith Trumpet 1
Shannon McDougall Trumpet 2
Madie Lawrence Trumpet 3


Kiera Doerksen Smith Stage Manager
Franco Pang Production Manager
Shania Mendes Assistant Production Manager
Quanah Lawrence Technical Director
Deanna Mann Audio Engineer
Joshua Kilimnik Creative Producer
Shannon Murtagh Communications and Outreach Producer
Colette Richardson Managing Producer
Julian Da Silva Associate Producer
Fynn Manhattan Cuthbert Fight Captain
Mona Hillis Dance Captain