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Minorities ()

Produced by

Red Virgo

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Creator: Yang Zhen
Choreographer: Yang Zhen


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


October 17th, 2019 – October 27th, 2019


Yang Zhen gives a voice to the social condition of a new generation of ethnic minorities in China. Using dancers and performers from the Tibetan region, Inner Mongolia, the Uyghur Autonomous Region Xinjiang and Macao, as well as a Korean-Chinese dancer and an opera singer from Hunan Province, Minorities examines the constant conflict between social prejudice and artists’ need to express themselves and relate their identities to the world they live in. Dance, theatre, documentary material from Zhen’s extensive travel experiences, and the performers’ memories, form the basis of this interdisciplinary and immersive work of theatre. (


Lou Hio Mei Performer
Ma Xiao Ling Performer
Aodonggaowa Performer
Gan Luyangzi Performer
Guzhanuer Yusufu Performer
Huang Ping Singer

Creative Team

Yang Zhen Creator
Yang Zhen Choreographer
Qi Ray Music
Yang Zhen Music
Qi Ray Photography
Yang Zhen Photography


Liu Hengzhi Technical Director
Zhang Yongji Animations
Zhang Yongji Video
Jingxian Li Tour Manager
Menno Plukker Agent


Heather Landon Production Manager
Tristan Goethel Technical Director
Colleen Daly Production Assistant
Peter Velocci Building Operations Manager
Sally Roberts Senior Head Technician
Jon Cunningham Head Technician
Kate Glen Junior Head Technician